Emotion-Focused Healthcare 2018-05-22T21:03:20-04:00

Emotion-Focused Healthcare is a simple, easy and efficient model for increasing the capacity for medical and hospital staff to support and manage the emotions of patients and their families. EFHC is also meant to provide administrative, medical and allied health staff with simple skills to respond to the emotional needs of patients in their care, regardless of circumstance or mental health involvement.

The goals of EFHC include:

  • Regulating patient / family emotion to facilitate access to healthcare and ensuring a safe environment
  • Avoiding emotional escalations / outbursts
  • De-escalating outbursts in progress

Supporting Staff

EFHC also includes a module to support staff to support one another when colleagues are struggling with anxiety, shame, helplessness and even resentment and anger. This form of peer support was developed for delivery during brief phone calls, staff meetings or even when crossing paths in the hallway or clinic.