Emotion-Focused School Support 2019-11-09T16:54:03-05:00

Emotion-Focused School Support (EF-SS) is a simple, easy and efficient model for increasing the capacity for school staff to support the mental health of children and their parents. EF-SS can be learned and applied in a way that supports students to “return to learning” while respecting the primary mandates of teachers, aides and support staff and without adding to the already high demands of the school day).

Given that a regulated physiology is critical for learning, the goals of EF-SS include:

  • Regulating child/adolescent emotion to facilitate learning
  • Avoiding emotional escalation / outbursts
  • De-escalating outbursts in progress

Supporting Teachers to Support Parents

EF-SS also includes a module to support teachers to support parents who are struggling with anxiety, shame, helplessness and even resentment and anger. This form of EF-SS was developed for delivery through notes in the agenda, during brief phone calls, parent-teacher meetings or even when crossing paths in the hallway or main office.