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Within the human body there are many different systems: emotional, nervous, immune, and hormonal. PNI is a budding field of study that is interested in the connections within the body’s systems. Rather than viewing each system as its own separate process, PNI recognizes that all systems in the human body are interconnected; therefore, changes within one system will necessarily affect the others. In other words, there is one “supersystem”. For this reason, we must also understand and treat physical and mental health illnesses from the perspective of the supersystem.

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Article by Dr. Gabor Mate

How is emotion avoidance related to mental and physical illness?

When a stressor affects one system in the body, other systems are also affected. When an emotion is repressed (particularly anger), the body continues to release stress hormones. This continuous release of stress hormones then causes the body’s immune system to become worn down. When the body’s immune system is affected, the body is weaker, which increases the risk of developing autoimmune diseases.1

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